About Us

Our Mission

Waxing is not a high end spa treatment it is a grooming procedure, like a hair cut. Our prices match a service you plan to receive every month or so. We have never considered this a luxury service that causes you to over pay for your waxing, nor do we want you to pass up what makes you feel good. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a smooth silky wax as part of your regimen to take care of you.

We have worked hard to establish this spa to bring you quality waxing for a price that is affordable and comfortable. Our estheticians love working here and love making sure your experience with us is a personal one. We know how important the impact of our positive energy can have while taking care of you through such an intimate service. Taking care of you is more than a great wax, it defines us in a way that is unique in the culture of waxing and spas. We get to know our clients and we get excited to know about you, we learn so much from you. We have been told you can have so much fun you don’t realize your waxing service is already finished. Our clients are our family.

We wax all day every day. Please be assured that you are being treated with care during every waxing experience you have with us. We are the best spa for the job, as well as you being in the safest possible hands. Every esthetician receives extensive training on both hard and soft waxing techniques and is required to pass a proficiency test in both waxing methods. They know that satisfied clients at We Wax That! Spa are of the utmost importance. We take sanitation very seriously never ever double dipping and saturate all tools and implements in barbicide. Our towels are professional laundered and bleached after every service. We are very strict about this!

Our goal is to provide every wax service possible for everybody. We offer so many services to cater both women and men. Our popular services are what made us stand out. Woman’s Brazilian, Men’s Brazilians, full body waxing and customized waxing packages for combined areas of the body. All tailored for you. If you want a specific area waxed that is not offered please don’t hesitate to ask us to invent a new menu item! We have mastered it all and want you to come in and enjoy the waxing experience you deserve.

We Wax That! Spa

  • Our Promise

    Is dedicated to you and quality waxing for a price that is affordable, comfortable and easy!

  • Experience

    We are able to provide our experience and knowledge of waxing with the intent to take care of all your waxing needs with ease and comfort. Throughout the years of our Esthetics careers we have engaged every skin type while intensively studying skin and waxing. We are excited to contribute an expert waxing experience for anyone and everyone!

  • Products

    We specialize in Brazilian waxing, for both male and female clients, and offer a full range of waxing services that address your individual preferences and needs. We use only the highest quality products for your safety and comfort. We have waxed thousands of satisfied customers over the years, and it is that experience that sets us apart from the others in our field.

  • Knowledge

    We wax all day every day. Please be assured that you are being treated with care during every waxing experience you have with me. You will have a unique, personal touch the moment you walk through the door, setting us apart from usual salons or spas. From athletes, business professionals, stay at home moms to all men & women, clients will feel at ease!

If you have any questions about waxing please email, text or call!