Male Waxing Services

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Due to Covid-19, we ask you to please trim your hair not any longer or shorter than 1/4 of an inch. If using trimmers, please use a guard of a 2.


Everyone is getting waxed!

Hair removal for athlete, swimmer, military, weight lifter, cyclist and all!
Go Brazilian

Did The 40 Year Old Virgin scare you into looking like a caveman forever? That movie started the chat about male waxing, and it also made male waxing stick in our minds, now its popular! With our wax formula and gentle techniques, there’s no reason to suffer through painful burns or skin pulling, it just won’t happen here. We Wax That! Spa uses multiple different waxes from around the world to provide you a custom wax for your hair and skin type.

Something we understand about our guys here at We Wax That! Spa is the consistent statements of suffering made about the hair on male bodies. It traps in sweat and heat, leaving additional odor, becomes itchy which can lead to rashes or bumps, hair that you would prefer to hide instead of enjoying the outdoors, going on dates or even applauding yourself for losing weight or gaining muscle. We know and want to show you how clean and smooth you will be. Waxing is the answer to eliminating uncomfortable, irritating and aggravating hair, and the symptoms that come along with it. We promise this will change you! We would love to be responsible for your hairless cure.

Educating our clients about We Wax That Spa’s waxing protocol.

We use both a soft and a hard wax. We use soft wax on all body areas except the shaft and scotum area. We will only provide this custom wax procedure as stated above with no substitution. We use 10 different waxes from around the world based on your hair type and skin type. Oil or powder is never used as it can cause major breakage of the hair. We use a sanitation product after each waxing experience.

Chest, back, shoulder, neck, ear and nostril waxing will maintain a clean professional image while other men’s body waxing including the male Brazilian will enhance the look of muscle tone, improve sex appeal, provide a clean, fresh feeling and even improve body scent.

Good prices and amazing bedside manner. Also does a fantastic job.

Bobby P.

Male Spa Services

Ingrown Hair Removal

Removal of specific types of ingrown hairs and/or black heads

Waxing Services

Areola Wax

Nipple area only

Back and a Half Wax

Includes full back, shoulders and sides of the torso

Back Wax

Entire back down to the iliac crest

(Back) Smooth Sailing wax
(back, buttocks & inside the glutes)

Includes: Back wax, shoulders, side line of torso, buttocks and inside the glutes/crack

(Back) Victory Lap Wax
(back, sides, chest, stomach, shoulders)

Includes: Back, sides lines of torso, chest, stomach and shoulders, down to the Illiac crest.

Backside Brazilian
(Full Buttocks & Inside Buttocks)

Entire buttocks inside and out. Perineum included

Bikini Wax
Brazilian Hollywood Wax (Male)

Same as the Brazilian only difference is a triangle shape instead of all bare , bikini line, lip area, all the way around to the back side (Inside the glutes) Other shapes available: Landing Strip

Brazilian S&S Wax (Shaft and Scrotum) (Male)

Shaft and scrotum only

Brazilian add on
(Shorts Wax)

Top half of thighs. Covers the area when whereing shorts would cover. Goes well with male Brazilian

Brazilian Hybrid
(Full Brazilian and Full Buttocks)

Full Brazilian and buttocks Pelvic area, bikini line, shaft, scrotum, inside and outside of the buttocks

BSC Wax (Butt, Sac and Crack)

Butt, Sac and Crack Includes: Shaft, scrotum, entire buttocks area, inside and out.


Entire glute wax, excluding inside the glutes Inside the glutes on $5

Buttocks (Outside only)
Inside Buttocks (crack)

excludes entire buttocks, consist of inside the glutes


Malar pad area (AKA) cheek area

Chest Wax

Full chest area. Does not include the stomach

Chest and Stomach

Chest and Stomach Approximately 1 to 2 inches below the belly button

Ear Wax

In and outside of the ear.


Feet are the same as toes We will wax all hairs on the foot and toes

Full Arm Wax

Waxing, all the way up and around the arm.

Full Body Wax

Full body Wax from the neck down to the toes. Brazilian area included.

Under Cover Full Body Wax
(Leaves Lower Leg and Half Arm Unwaxed)

Half arm, Half leg, Torso ( chest, stomach, back, side lines of torso) and Brazilian. Leaves lower legs and lower arms. Anything left is visible if wearing shorts and short sleeve shirt

Full Body Wax No Brazilian

From the neck to the toes excluding the Brazilian area

Full Leg and Brazilian Wax (Male)

Male Full leg and full Brazilian wax. Includes bikini line, shaft scrotum, inside the buttocks and full legs. Add full buttocks for $15

Full Leg Wax

Includes the entire leg area, front and back

Half Arm Wax

Either upper arm to elbow, or lower arm to elbow. (Please specify to the technician which half of the arm you would prefer.)

Half Leg Wax (Upper or Lower)

The upper half of leg to the knee or lower half to the knee (Please specify to the technician which half you prefer.)

Hands Wax

Hand to the wrist and fingers, knuckles or where ever there is hair on the hands.

Hybrid Brazilian with Small of the Back

Includes: pelvic area, bikini line shaft and scrotum full buttocks and small of the back.

Neck Wax

From the hair line down to anterior trap area.

Nose Wax

Hard wax application to remove nostril hair.

Side Line of the Torso Wax

Side Line of the Torso Wax

Shoulders Wax

Medial clavicle (close to the neck), down to where a farmers tan line would be.

Small of the Back Wax

Just above the buttocks! Any more would be considered a back wax or half back wax.

Stomach Wax

Entire stomach up to the chest area and down an inch or two below the belly button

(Full Leg) South of the Border (Full Leg, Brazilian, Buttocks, Small of the back)

Full leg, Brazilian, Buttocks and small of the back. Males appreciate this option.

Thigh Wax (Extended bikini area only)

Extention of the bikini line. (Adductor muscle area)

Toe Wax

Toes and top of foot (Both feet included)

Torso Wax

This packaged wax includes the chest, stomach, back and a half, side lines of torso, half arm, Brazilian and extended thigh if desired

Under Arm Wax

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