Female Waxing Services

We Know Your Body

We Know Your Body

We love our ladies and we love our bond with you. Whether this is your first time getting waxed or you have been doing this for years We Wax That! Spa knows how to take care of you with your waxing needs. Us women are special and we have that special touch that invites you into an environment that is calm, informative and interactive. We are happy to answer any questions you have about everything that pertains to your waxing experience here at We Wax That! Spa.

Ease Your Mind

Ease Your Mind

Waxing might not be the most pleasant of treatments but at We Wax That! Spa we believe it’s our job to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. We’ve done our research and have found some of the best products out there to give you the best results. Our estheticians can set you up with aftercare advice and products to keep ingrowns at bay as well as the most hygienic waxing experience possible, no double dipping ever. We love what we do and we know you will too.

Why Wax

Why Wax?

Ladies wax because it’s sexy; tight fitting and sheer clothes lie better; its cleaner and its sensual. It brings a smooth feeling for weeks that doesn’t come close to shaving and the stubble we attempt to conquer every couple of days or so. We like it so much that we are now asking our men to get Male Brazilian Waxes and they are saying “okay!”.

If you are coming in from out of town or passing through St. Louis please let me know when booking an appointment. I have found that it can be difficult to locate a good waxer. I am willing to bend my schedule if need be, to help resolve the travelers waxing needs.

*Advisory* Ladies please be aware that birth control and birth control implants may affect the skin, causing skin to be more sensitive to waxing.

Most Popular Services

Brazilian Waxing


Includes: From the belly button and down, bikini line, lip area, labia and all the way around to inside the glutes

Hollywood Wax


Same as a full Brazilian except a triangle, oval, landing strip or deep bikini is shaped in size based on the your preference. (Includes the labia unless requested otherwise)

Bikini Wax


Takes the sides off the bikini area deeper than the bikini line. I offer to wax some hair above to make a more defined ‘triangle’ area and trimming the hair down

Modified Bikini


Same as the bikini except we go deeper towards the lip area, along with a reduction on the sacral area (below the belly button)

Brazilian and Under Arm Combo


Full Brazilian: from the belly button and down, bikini line, lip area, labia and all the way around to inside the glutes with under arms.

Full Leg and Brazilian Wax (Female)


Includes: Both legs area, front and back. Full Brazilian: from the belly button and down, bikini line, lip area, labia and all the way around to inside the glutes

Eva Longoria

Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once!

Eva Longoria

Spa Services

Ingrown Hair Removal$15

Waxing Services

Any area can be waxed!
Bikini (Modified)$35
Bikini (Strip with Lip)$40
Brazilian Hollywood Wax (Female)$40
Brazilian Wax (Female)$40
Brazilian BNB (Brazilian no butt)$35
Inside Buttocks (crack)$10
Chest Wax$30
Chest and Stomach$50
Chin Wax$15
Ear Wax$15
Full Arm Wax$30
Full Body Wax$235
Full Body Wax No Brazilian$195
Full Face (exculdes men’s face)$50
Full Leg and Brazilian Wax (Female)$85
Full Leg Wax$50
Half Arm Wax$25
Half Leg$25
Lip and Brow wax$25
Lip and chin$20
Lip Wax$10
Neck Wax$15
Nose Wax$15
Side line of the torso$15
Small of the back$15
South of the Border (Full Leg, Brazilian, Buttocks, Small of the back)$110
Thigh (Extended bikini area only)$10
Thigh (upper)$10
Side Burns$10
Torso Wax$150
Under Arm Wax$15